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The Value of Open Public Records
Records and Repositories
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MGC's NERGC Panel on Open Records: Citizens Can Make a Difference
General Legislation
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How many deaths before the SSDI gets updated again?
Legislation Federal
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MGC Board and Contact Info

Massachusetts Genealogical Council
PO Box 5393
Cochituate, MA 01778-5393


Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs


1 August 2013 to 31 July 2015


President:  Mary Ellen Grogan,

Vice President:  Sharon Sergeant,

Treasurer: Sue Tellier,

Secretary: Linda MacIver,

Membership Committee: Sue Tellier, Brigid O'Donnell

Program Director: Margaret Sullivan,

Communications Director: Sharon Christenson,

Civil Records Director, Federal: Barbara Mathews,

Civil Records Director, Massachusetts: Teresa Scott,

Ways & Means: